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Start of operation Frequency Music is written at the end of 2010, when it was created first YouTube channel and for this time main channel Frequency Music. Channel was created for supporting young artists who formed the genre as progressive house, dubstep. Nowadays per channel prefers house & future bass as a primary genres. Thus even with a few pauses worked until 2014 when it was created a new channel Frequency Alternative. Channel was created to present anything other than what menu main channels and are mainly genres such as deep house, future house. Because this two channels were not enough for us, we moved further and the beginning of 2015, we created our own record label with name FRQNCY, which can be found on the genres mentioned in the first two channels.



Record Label

We offer you full distribution on biggest stores and stream services.


We offer you promotion of your track on our YouTube channels.

Graphic art

We make your cover for track/album if you will publishing on our record label.


We are ready to create the merch by your imagination.


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